Careful ⚠️ How You Speak--15 Sentences πŸ’¬ That Can Absolutely Ruin πŸ’” Your Relationship πŸ’ ...


You don't want to ruin your relationship, just because you choose to use upsetting sentences. That's why Elite Daily has compiled a list of the things no one wants to hear. They could ruin your relationship, so try to stop saying these things immediately:

1. I Don't Care

I Don't Care
We Need to Talk


It's not the words that ruin a relationship... It's the person actions that have the biggest impact... Words are not the problem... It's the actions that accompany those words
Yes I do hate to hear any of these phrases
K is the letter that will ruin your relationship
I agree I've got to some work to do so does my significant other
Karaoke Heart
Omg yes
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