Careful ⚠️ How You Speak--15 Sentences 💬 That Can Absolutely Ruin 💔 Your Relationship 💏 ...


You don't want to ruin your relationship, just because you choose to use upsetting sentences. That's why Elite Daily has compiled a list of the things no one wants to hear. They could ruin your relationship, so try to stop saying these things immediately:

1. I Don't Care

I Don't Care
We Need to Talk


16. You are so passive aggressive. 17. You do that all the time too. 18. You get so defencive.
The 'k' word made my boyfriend not to talk to me for a week.... He said i was rude from that day i really avoid it
Your friend is hot is the worst.
Indi Sage
"We need to talk" is the most nerve provoking sentence one could ever utter
@Sandi I agree with you. Some words may offend the other. When I need to talk I say that to my husband. There's nothing wrong with #3.
'I hate you' is another one just so everyone knowwss!👌🏼
It's not the words that ruin a relationship... It's the person actions that have the biggest impact... Words are not the problem... It's the actions that accompany those words
Yes I do hate to hear any of these phrases
K is the letter that will ruin your relationship
I agree I've got to some work to do so does my significant other
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