8 Sex and Dating Trends That Will Rock 2013 ...


We have fashion trends, beauty trends, interior design trends…but did you know there are also dating trends?

Yep, some analysts look at dating and sex statistics and work out what we’ll all be loving this year, and what’s likely to finally die.

And 2013 is a big year for dating and sex trends!

Here’s what the industry experts expect us to be doing…

1. No More Online Dating…

Yep, that’s right.

Traffic to the biggest ten online dating sites fell hugely towards the end of last year, and more and more people are deleting their profiles and cancelling memberships.2

A survey by a leading men’s magazine found that just 9% of men wanted to meet a woman online – so it seems that both sexes would prefer to actually meet someone and feel the chemistry, rather than spend endless evenings in a restaurant with a guy who doesn’t match his profile.

And with a decline in online dating, there’s plenty of room for the newest dating trends…

Orgasmic Exercise…


Susan Kozgus
Woohooo! I've got a younger guy. I'm a trend!
Elizabeth Issa
@Janet L Davis I agree!
Lisa Wood
Interesting, I emailed to my single friend so we could discuss... Good article
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
Janet L Davis
Jennifer Lopez funds happiness with 25 yr old Casper Smart is more like it. I'm down for older women getting together with younger men, but you've got to at the very LEAST be on the same level. JLo, HUGE star....who the hell is Casper Smart? See what I mean? And given JLo's track record? I'm pulling for her, but she's not exactly ever been stable in the romance department.....
HeTexted.com is just too good. Never heard of it before until I read this but I love it already! Cheers
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