8 Sex Tricks to Try in Bed ...


Sex Tricks can really spice up your romantic life, by introducing both excitement and intimacy into the bedroom. I know that trying new things in bed can sometimes take some real courage, but I've found some really amazing, sensual sex tricks that might make your experiences much, much more pleasurable. Even if you and your partner have a great sex life, everyone can use a little boost. Trying something new can really reinvigorate your passion for one another. Whether you need to find the spark or just want to make it shine brighter, check out these sizzling sex tricks to try in bed!

1. Make out and Make It Last

Some of the best sex tricks are actually quite simple. Next to sex, couples sometimes forget the magic of making out. Think back to when you were younger, before sex was really an issue, when you used to just make out with your boyfriend or girlfriend for as long as possible. Remember how exciting it is? Bring that to the bedroom, hold off on the sex for a while, and it will explode.

Focus on the Foreplay


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