17 Sexual 💋 "Would You Rather" Questions ❔ for Couples 💑 ...


If you're lounging around with your boyfriend and can't find anything worth watching on Netflix, then you should play a game instead.

You don't even have to think up the questions yourself, because they're all right here for you.

Without further adieu, here are a few sexual "would you rather" questions for couples:

1. Would You Rather Have Sex for Five Minutes or Five Hours?

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The sweet spot is somewhere in between, so it'll be interesting to see his answer.

2. Would You Rather Go down on Me or Have Me Go down on You?

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This will let you know if he enjoys giving or receiving more.

3. Would You Rather Have Your Roommate Catch Us Having Sex or Your Dog?

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Some people are very protective over their pets.

4. Would You Rather Touch My Boobs or My Butt?

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This will show you which body part he likes the best.

5. Would You Rather Have Sex on the Beach or on the Grass?

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If you agree with his answer, then you can even give it a try.

6. Would You Rather Kiss Me in the Rain or in the Shower?

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Both would include a whole lot of water.2

7. Would You Rather Have Me Kiss Your Chest or Your Neck?

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Keep this information stored in the back of your brain for future use.

It will certainly come in handy.

8. Would You Rather Give Me Control or Take Control Yourself?

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Some men like to take the reins, but other men like it when their partner does all the dirty work.

See which category your man falls under.

9. Would You Rather Have Sex in the Kitchen or Living Room?

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After he answers, test out the spot.

The couch is just as comfy as your bed is, and the kitchen counter might be more fun than anything you've ever tried.

Would You Rather Watch Porn with Me or Film Porn with Me?
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