8. Cuddle

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Cuddling is extremely intimate, even with clothes on. If you want to be close to your man without all the mess, simply cuddle on the couch or in bed while watching a movie. Even having an in depth conversation while cuddling will make you two feel closer.



Sex on your period can be so intense. I guess it depends how well your partner knows you sexually.
Janay Gregory
Wow never heard that having sex on a period can create Std ofcourse if he has one or vise versa rather you have your period or not you will contract an std and I use to be grossed out but it's not as bad as you think
It's better not to have sex while your in your period you can catch an std .
Sometimes I do find myself horny on my period, but a lot of the times I feel like I'll gross out my bf with it
peony blue
Resting is fine for me
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