Short Story: Christmas Wish ...


1. At the North Pole

"Dear Santa,

I wrote you a letter a few weeks ago asking for an iPhone 6, but I was wondering if it would be okay for me to change my wish?

This Christmas, all I really want is for my sister to find someone to love.

It's her first holiday since her boyfriend died and she cries every night.

I just want her to smile again.

If you could find her someone new to love or maybe fix her broken heart, I wouldn't need the iPhone.


Leila Harris"

I folded up the purple sheet of paper and stuffed it in my pocket, blinking back tears.

Then I ran through the workshop doors, pushed past a crowd of fellow elves, and almost knocked over Blitzen, but it didn't matter.

I needed to talk to the boss.


"Sir," I said when I found him, bowing my head out of respect.

"I got a funny letter today.

It asked for something I don't know how to build."2

He held a clipboard in his hand, and didn't bother to look down at me as he asked, "What is it?"


That made him stop, lick his lips, and look at me.

"Oh, a letter like that should've been thrown out," he said.

"It must've gotten mixed in on accident.

I'll have a word with the mailing department."

A thrown out letter?

I'd never heard of such a thing.

That's why I asked, "Why would a wish from a child be thrown out?"

"Because there are some things we just can't make."

I scratched my head so hard that I almost ripped through my hat.

"Well, why not?" I asked.

"Why, it's impossible to create love or joy or any other type of happiness."

"I thought that's what we did.

Made happiness.

For Christmas."

He just put a hand on my shoulder, smiled a sad smile, and went on his way without answering my question.

I pulled the paper out of my pocket to reread it.2

Leila had made her wish pretty clear, but if Santa wasn't going to help me, how would I help Leila?

I had my head buried in the letter as I walked, reading it over and over and over, which is why I ended up bumping right into Mrs.

Claus' knee.


So sorry ma'am," I said on instinct.

Then, as I looked up at her rosy cheeks and pink lips, I decided to ask, "Quick question.2

Do you know how to make Love?"

She chuckled, but I didn't understand the joke.

"You can't make something like that.

You simply feel it," she said with a warm smile.

"You shouldn't have to ask this.

You've felt love before, yes?"

I scrunched up my face until I came to a conclusion.

"Well, I love eating candy canes and watching the reindeer play their games.

And oh, I love Christmas, of course."


Then you already know all about love, sweetie.

Except sometimes love isn't for a thing.

It's for a person.

Like me and Mr.


"I love Mr.

Claus too," I pointed out.

"Yes, of course you do, but it's in a different way.

Romantic love isn't any better than familial love.3

But it is very different."

She made the whole "love" thing sound so obvious--but she hadn't really helped, either.

Or maybe...

Maybe she had.

I looked back down at the letter, read it one last time, and then made my way toward the mailing department.

At the Harris Household


A beautiful fact being told in a story very neatly
Loved this!!
Not gonna lie when I read the last part of the letter I really started to cry! I love my family so much and could not agree more with this story.
This was such a cute story 😍😍
goose bumps , loved it
I loved reading this ! Great message !!!
Kashish Gupta
Awww! This was such a heart warming story. I loved it! Merry Christmas to all!
This was such a great story. It hit very close to home because I recently lost someone I romantically loved and I'm still mourning. Thank you for sharing this story. You have no idea how much I needed it. I definitely cried lol. Merry Christmas!
This story is so cute I almost cried. But it did warm my heart.
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