5. A Time for Everything

We all choose people for different things and different relationships during our lifetime; we may need certain things and another person may offer something else. But the problem comes in when those needs have been met from both sides and both parties really grow out of the relationship naturally. And even though opposites do attract and relationships with big age differences may work for some time, long-term, these relationships suffer when some of the basic fundamental compatibility needs are not being met.

Long-term relationships are built on things like compatibility – in friendship, in love, in life, in bed, out of bed, intellectually and compatibility of age. When the basic compatibility needs are not being met anymore, it becomes the beginning of the end of such a relationship.

So age will matter for sure, somewhere down the line. While it might not matter when one partner is 35 and the other 50, it is going to become more and more apparent when the same partners are 45 and 60 – being in two different life stages, with two completely different set of needs from a social, physical and emotional point of view. And one partner could be in the peak of their career, and the other on a deck chair with a book enjoying their retirement.

How Much is Too Much