15 Warning Signs 🚨 You Aren't ❌ Attracted to Your Man πŸ’ Anymore πŸ’” ...


Learning that you are not attracted to your boyfriend any longer is hard to bear or even hard to consider. Do you find yourself wondering if you are at all attracted to your boyfriend? Do you think that there is a huge disconnect between you two? Below, I've got the top 15 signals you are not attracted to your boyfriend so that maybe, you can finally admit it. Remember, just because you are not attracted to your boyfriend, doesn't mean you can't attempt to be friends with him!

1. Every Small Thing He Does Gets on Your Nerves


Does every, single, small, tiny thing that he does get on your nerves? Even when he is just trying to have a conversation with you? This is the first sign you are not attracted to your boyfriend anymore. It's hard to admit, especially if you've been together a long time, but attraction can fade away, if you let it.

You Can't Remember the Reason Why You Thought He Was Attractive


peony blue
Leaving a partner doesn't mean the end ! Sometimes it is good for the psyche. It depends how you break things off as well and we need to find our own path in the end. Of course if he annoys you or any...
Thats how i am right now. everytime i try to leave my bf hes gets so upset and i feel bad and say i'll stay because it hurts to leave him when hes that upset. He knows its temporary. Its just hard to ...
Esther Mathenge
I am still anxious about leaving my #boyfriend even after reading and agreeing with those signals. Damn. What If my son hates me for this? Hot FREAKING DAMN
Andrea Leon
@Heather Jensen please tell us what to do if feel exactly the same x(
@Sapphire271, im the same..everything he does annoys me..sitting here typing it makes me feel angry & annoyed when i think of him
@Jessica, where are u based? I would be interested..more interested than i am in my boyfriend
I met a guy online last year & have been seeing him around 6-7 months..(he could tell u the months days hours)I have been feeling like this for weeks now. I have let him know how i feel about the thin...
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