8. You're Doing All the “work” in the Relationship

My parents taught me that relationships, like most other things in life, are what we make of them. There has to be a “give and take” to make the relationship work. That doesn't mean you'll be at the same level at all times; there are going to be times when one person has to “give” more to support the other. Sometimes it will feel like “work”; sometimes it won't. However, if he doesn't care enough about the relationship to meet you halfway, take a step back. And another … and another … you get the idea. Now, for one of the biggest signs a relationship isn't going to work out:

You've Already Decided It's Not Going to Work


Why doesn't your fiance approve of your closeness? Does he think something's going on?
Hafizah Adnan
i used to be very close with my relatives. and this one relatives that im very close with is having a not healthy lifestyle. and my fiance didnt approve of our closeness. and now i didnt even talk to ...
Amina Abdul
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Sounds about right
Thank you for number 4 :)
Anna Yumeco
good advice ??
Indie Sophie Morse
Sound about right it sound like my ex!
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