7 Signs a Shy Guy Likes You ...


It is definitely not easy to figure out if a bashful boy likes you, but thankfully there are a few signs a shy guy likes you that you can look out for.

Mostly, these signs have to do with nerves, but there are so many telltale signs that you may not have thought of on this list.

You may just find that there were signs a shy guy likes you right in front of your eyes, and you never even noticed!

If you think that a shy guy may like you, keep reading to find out for sure!

1. Compare His Behavior

Watch his behavior around you versus his friends or other acquaintances.

If it’s very obvious that he acts differently around you compared to his friends or just other people in general, he probably likes you and is still trying to figure out how to act around you!

This is one of the most important signs a shy guy likes you to look for!

He Gets Nervous


Love it
*Men=me .. Typo makes me sick
Well, I met this guy and he is 6 y/o older than men. We first met when I joined the religion event in 1 week, and I was one of his group (he is the leader). I didn't like him when I saw him for the first time btw , but when we handshool he looked at my eyes so deeply and after that he makes me so special, e.g: he aksed whether I alredy have breakfat or not. But 2 months later we didn't get in touch anymore and we met again in dance club but he act like I was a stranger. He only stared at me, untill I approach him first, but I only say Hi and ask about his college and that's all. I didn't go further to him. Now I am confuse, should I move on from him ?
If you are trying to get to know a guy you meet online, how do you get him to take more initiative instead of making you do all the work and keep the conversation going? It doesn't help that I am low on confidence because of guys not looking at me in real life (either that or they're doing a very good job of pretending not to notice me) so I would take a guy's lack of initiative as a lack of interest. Help!
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