25. He Loves You Dressed up or Dressed down


Be honest, the first few dates you looked stellar!

You tried to keep it up, but eventually, your true self was revealed—messy hair and everything!

A sign that he really loves you is that he loves the dressed up version equally as much as he loves the dressed down version.

He doesn't call one fake or the other ugly;

he just accepts you for you!

He Loves Being Real with You


Paweenuch T
@Neecey Beresford, Thank you. 😊
Neecey Beresford
@Paweenuch T, the LOVE section has many articles on the very topic you're requesting. Just browse the section or use the search box. I'm sure you'll find plenty to read. http://love.allwomenstalk.com/
Paweenuch T
Awww this is so nice. Can you write a topic about how to keep a guy like this please?
I love it very well put together!!
Aww it's lovely to read little things like this. Love is an amazing thing!
Very true
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