5. He Doesn’t Go MIA

If your guy doesn’t go MIA, that is a good sign that he will be faithful to you. Men who are unfaithful have large gaps in their time when you don’t know where they are and they can’t explain. If your guy is always where he says he is and is very easygoing about sharing that information with you, you can most likely relax. If he doesn’t act like he has something to hide, he probably doesn’t. Don’t be suspicious if there is no need to be.

He Doesn’t Have a Roving Eye


I agree with Cindy....listen to that gut feeling u have it always prove me right
Cindy collier
My mother used to say \"those butterflies in your tummy is God\'s way of telling you your right.\" Call it intuition.
I had a boyfriend whom I never caught looking at a girl. I mean he would have eyes for me and me only. He would always show affection in public and private. All my friends loved him so much and even t...
Parent one goes both ways. My man\'s mother has been married multiple times and he does not want to follow in her footsteps at all.
Friends are a huge factor I believe the \"new\" friends my husband made didn\'t give a shit about him or I enough to tell him he was ruining the best things in his life.. His lifetime friends would ha...
The one that talks of his parent marriage not true...his parent have the best marriage both sons have cheated on their wives so sad they didn\'t follow in their fathers footprints..
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