8 Signs He's a Selfish Lover ...

Signs he is a selfish lover aren't easy to spot right off the bat. Typically, by the #time you get to the point of having sex, it's hard to know whether or not he's going to be good in bed! Well ladies, if you are looking for #signs he is a selfish lover before you hit the hay with him, I've got some! #Below are my top 8 signs he is a selfish lover so that hopefully, you can avoid him!

1. He’s Selfish in General

The very first sign he is a selfish lover is that he's selfish in general! Does he constantly expect the #world from you, but gives you nothing back? Do you think he'll be any different in bed? Probably not. If you have a guy that is selfish in his every day life, you might not want to head to #bed with him anytime soon.