15 Signs He's Emotionally Unavailable ...


He’s charming, he’s gorgeous, and he’s perfect except… he seems more than a little emotionally unavailable.

While it’s hard to believe that your Prince Charming isn’t the epitome of perfection, there is just something that doesn’t seem entirely quite right.

Want to know for sure?

Here are 15 signs that he’s emotionally unavailable.

1. Excuses, Excuses

One solid sign that your guy is emotionally unavailable is if he seems to have an excuse for everything.

He always seems to have justification or an explanation for doing the things he does, especially when it comes to anything that could even be remotely considered intimate, like say, going Facebook official or even adding you for that matter.

If "the timing is off," "things are really complicated right now," or 'he has a lot going on" but he refuses to actually cut you loose, because when he’s with you "it just feels so right" or "things are easy," you, madam, have been caught by a man who has emotionally checked out,or in fact,never emotionally checked in in the first place.

Where for Art Thou Boyfriend?


Ive been with mr unavailable for a yr .. Hoping they will change their mind and commit to u 1 day is a huge mistake... Its a horrible horrible place to be in!!!!!
fallen already fr smthng like ths...trust me girls it gives irrecoverable pain nd nthng else
Omg. This explains EVERYTHING! I'm dating a guy who is exactly like this, but I never understood what was going on!
@Lauren.. I pray it gets better for you. The scary thing is that I actually wanted to marry him.. #smh
I'm in the same situation. Mine is in a Relationship with Money, Committed to only himself, Engaged to his precious Motorcycle and Married to the old man that works on his bike .. It's sad but true. He only thinks of me when YouTube isn't working or he has nothing else going on.. I fell for him but I have to pick myself up and fall more in love with Me...
Tendresse Tritsch
I'm in love with my classmate, we haven't spoken because only with him I'm nervous. We do look very often in each others eyes. After that he dreamed, does that mean he's in love with me too?
Denise Cristobal
@Victoria Grebenyuk You can search for them. Just type in the sign you want to read about. :)
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