15 Signs He's Emotionally Unavailable ...


He’s charming, he’s gorgeous, and he’s perfect except… he seems more than a little emotionally unavailable. While it’s hard to believe that your Prince Charming isn’t the epitome of perfection, there is just something that doesn’t seem entirely quite right. Want to know for sure? Here are 15 signs that he’s emotionally unavailable.

1. Excuses, Excuses

One solid sign that your guy is emotionally unavailable is if he seems to have an excuse for everything. He always seems to have justification or an explanation for doing the things he does, especially when it comes to anything that could even be remotely considered intimate, like say, going Facebook official or even adding you for that matter. If "the timing is off," "things are really complicated right now," or 'he has a lot going on" but he refuses to actually cut you loose, because when he’s with you "it just feels so right" or "things are easy," you, madam, have been caught by a man who has emotionally checked out,or in fact,never emotionally checked in in the first place.

Where for Art Thou Boyfriend?


@Denise, you aren't stupid you just like him so you make excuses for his behavior because you don't want to admit he isn't living up to the ideal you have of him in your head. Take it from someone who...
Mentioned this post on twitter too..
Oh my god, yes. All of these points describe this guy that I'm seeing spot on. I keep hoping that he'll change and open up to me more. I know it's a long shot, and I know I'm stupid for even wanting it, but I really like this one. 
Haylee Herrick
Way to go, Hali! I just got out of the worst emotionally and mentally abusive relationship ever, and describes my ex to a tee. Don't think you'll change your man girls. You shouldn't have to.
Hali Riber
Thank you so much, poster! I'm currently in a break with my ex and was heavily contemplating if I should really give up on our failing relationship and this described how I felt about him exactly! I h...
::*Dime Diva*::
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
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