2. Butterfly Texts

How do you feel when his name pops up on your phone? You'll have an instant reaction to seeing his message, so pay attention. If you're overly excited or feel a flutter in your stomach, you have feelings for him. If it takes him a while to respond to you, are you upset? Your own reactions might surprise you once you really examine them.

Damn Disappointment


I am in love with my best friend and I\'m not sure what to do. He has a girl friend but she is mean to him. He deserves better and it hurts me to watch him put up with her.
Gabby Marcss
Ahhhhh I\'m not going to lie, all of these but 6 are exactly me!!! I don\'t know what to do!!! I can\'t believe I want to be more than friends with him. I don\'t know what to do!!! Ahahh my heart is just cray cray lol
@Stacey Seems to me he became scared! He might not know how to act.
I met a guy and we\'ve been friends for three years. I want him to be more than a friend, but I don\'t want to scare him off or ruin out friendship. Tips?
Ruth Mary Coulson
Totally describes me right now!! xD
My guy mate asked me out I said yes then the next day he called everything off and just wanted to be friends. Still confused because we both had a huge crush on each other!
I need an opinion, a friend of mine has said he likes me back but he won\'t date me because it seems like an ownership what do I do?
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