3. Damn Disappointment

If he misses a day of class or cancels plans, how disappointed are you? Compare it to how you'd react if a different friend failed to show up. Try to figure out why you're truly upset. Are you only mad that you missed on on a fun conversation? Or are you upset that he didn't get to see the cute outfit you were wearing?

Just a Little Jealousy


My guy mate asked me out I said yes then the next day he called everything off and just wanted to be friends. Still confused because we both had a huge crush on each other!
I need an opinion, a friend of mine has said he likes me back but he won\'t date me because it seems like an ownership what do I do?
We\'ve been best friends since we were 13, (6 years ago). I know he likes me, and I like him, but how we\'re both so shy! Oh gosh ☺
I\'ve got these all for him. I was not sure if i love him but now i am ☺
Francesca Rose
@Georgi W I know how you feel, my best guy friend decided that we should be just friends. But he still flirts with me and mentions how he wants to \"puts a ring on it,\" but I have to ignore him becau...
Nice! I know I have a pretty big crush which will hopefully move towards some direction once I find time to actually hang out with him more haha.
Georgi W
He will always be more than a friend to me but sadly nothing will ever happen, now il just have to accept having the best friend in the world! I think il cope :p
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