8 Warning Signs 🚨 He's Not 🚫 'the One' πŸ’” for Girls Who Need to Let Go πŸ‘‹πŸΌ ...


There are some people we're just not meant to be with, and if you look closely you will see red flags appearing in your relationship to alert you that this may be the case.

Keep reading for a few more reasons why he may not be 'the one' for you and remember that there's someone out there for everyone!

1. He Makes You Cry

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It's not a good sign when he can easily make you cry or upset.

Sure, you always try to stand your guard but sometimes the pain and hurt gets to us and it's hard to shake once we feel it, especially in a long term relationship when this becomes a common occurrence.

Anyone who makes you spend your nights crying yourself to sleep is definitely not good enough for you and it's time to find someone who will only make you cry with tears of joy and laughter!

Don't settle for less than you deserve.

2. He Won't Make Time for You

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If he's full of excuses as to why he can't see you today (or ever) it's because he doesn't see you as a priority.

You know you should be at the very top of his list...but he begs to differ.

If he's supposed to be your boyfriend and you haven't seen him for a reasonably long time (even a couple of weeks is still too long and not ideal) it's definitely something you need to confront him about.

If he shuts down the conversation and makes communication very difficult, it's time to find someone else who wants to see you each and every day that passes!

3. He Lies and Deceives You

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If you choose to confront them about it, he may say something like "I lied to protect you" but deep down you know that if he lied and didn't tell you, you can never really trust him again in the future.2

Chances are that's just an excuse in a desperate attempt to cover or justify the lie he told.

It doesn't sound very credible to hear "I deceived you to protect you" since the first and last half of that sentence don't go together at all.

If this has happened to you, it's time to wake up and realise that if he's capable of lying and/or deceiving you this easily, who knows what else he's capable of doing?

Do you want to wait around to find out or kick him to the kerb before finding someone else who treats us ladies only with respect and honesty?

He Makes You Feel Insecure
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