4. He Makes You Feel Insecure

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Sometimes they have a way of doing this.

They can bring out our insecurities and even make us feel bad about ourselves.

It's important to know that you shouldn't change anything about yourself for anyone and that it's up to them to accept us for who we truly are.

If your boyfriend makes you feel insecure, chances are it's because he doesn't accept you for who you truly are or could but is choosing not to.

He might make small, offhanded comments about your appearance or your amazing personality traits which are full of negativity intended to make you feel bad and insecure.

You don't need to be around someone like this!

Get rid of him and find someone who gives you nothing but positivity and compliments every day of the calendar year!

Communication is Extremely Hard


I love my bf but I lately found out he's cheated on me like over five times with multiple girls by sending stuff and did stuff in a bathroom once. I wanna be with him cuz I can't imagine being without him and I believe he can change. But also I know I cant
Rea Margarette Plotado
He went to a strip club.... and took her out to eat after! Didn't even apologize. Just ignored me and when I confronted him, he just said I thought you would never forgive me. He wasn't even apologetic! Haha
Rea Margarette Plotado
I'm in an off and on relationship for 3 1/2 years! He does something wrong, I forgive him. I do something wrong (even the smallest thing) it's like hell for me.
You must decide "your worth" and never settle for anything less. Never compromise your beliefs, your safety, or your goals for anyone. You deserve the best person for you and accept nothing less. You are worth it to many other people.
What if it's your husband
Melissa Sciolla
You have to sometimes go through all these things 2 realize what u want and what u deserve. Either he will change for the better or u move on and don't give up on love ☺
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