17 Signs to Recognize He's Only 💯 Interested in Sex 🙊 ...


Even if it seems like a man really likes you, he might just be using you for sex.

That's why you have to keep an eye open to make sure that he's not just looking to get lucky.

If you're just not sure where he stands, here are a few signs that he's only interested in sex:

1. Convos Are Always Sexual

Convos Are Always Sexual

If you ask him an innocent question about what he's eating for dinner and he turns the conversation into a sexual one, it means only one thing is on his mind.

He Only Texts You after Midnight


💯true, but as divorce single Mom who likes being single for now, it works. don't need overbearing dominance in my life, but booty occasionally works for me, & he knows I feel that way too. Anything he can do, I can do even better!! 😏
Charlotte Saka
Great article!!🤗
This would've come in handy with my last "relationship" ... Wish I'd seen this sooner! Looking forward to meeting a genuine good-hearted guy that will treat me with the upmost respect later on when the time is right, but for now I'm just focusing on myself and those who I know I can count on to love me for more than just my physical characteristics
So true!!! Just hope this article would help you gals!!!
Great article. So true.
Latoya Osborne
Yes, I was very young. Come to find out I was his side piece. He had another girl pregnant. His father was the one who told me about it. He actually took me to where his son was.
How about the guy do a few of those, do they count?
Elke Klugkist
I'm sorry if a guy feels he can call you for a booty call he's obviously been given a reason why he thinks he can. If you're already having sex with him and you don't have an exclusive relationship why should he think it's anything more than casual? You owe it to yourself to get a concise answer as far as the status of the relationship. If it's not what you want then move on. But do it before you sleep with him!! If you're looking for a monogamous, long lasting, love relationship, make sure he's coming from the same place. Women often think they're gonna change his mind, or give him the best sex ever and "he'll commit for sure!' Women do not have to be these weak minded dolts who let the man decide the status. They should make their decision and tell him you not interested
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