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There is no real point in staying in a relationship you have to work really hard at.

All relationships take work but there is a limit and you shouldn’t be making all the effort.

If you see any of these following signs, it’s time for evaluating where you’re at and whether it is worth continuing to work at it or to cut your losses and move on.3

1. He Lies

He blew you off and said he had to study for an exam, but you find out he was at the bar.

He always seems to be “forgetting” his wallet.

He says he’ll come by at two and doesn’t end up at your place till four.

All of these little red flags are signs it’s time to move on.

He isn’t truthful, and you can never tell from one minute to the next whether you can believe what he’s telling you is true.

This may have started out being a fairy tale story, but the story has been built on lies.

Close the book.

2. He Feels More like a Project than a Boyfriend

There is so much right about him, yet there are so many things wrong.

He might cook a good meal once in a while, but he’ll never wash a dish.

He has no idea how to dress for any occasion other that watching TV from the sofa.

These annoyances will only increase with time, so if you feel like you need to fix him now, imagine how you’ll feel after being with him awhile.

Do yourself (and him) a favor and close the toolbox;

it’s time to move on.

3. He Ignores You in Public

You see him on the way to class or in the checkout line of the grocery store.

You wave.

He doesn’t wave back.

Maybe he didn’t see you?

You give it another try.

He looks at you, gives you a slight nod, then turns his head so he doesn’t see you.2

He doesn’t look happy to see you, and almost looks embarrassed that you even exchanged glances in public.2

This is a big sign - either you embarrass him or he doesn’t want certain people to know he’s seeing you.

Ignore him from that point on.

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