2. He Feels More like a Project than a Boyfriend

There is so much right about him, yet there are so many things wrong. He might cook a good meal once in a while, but he’ll never wash a dish. He has no idea how to dress for any occasion other that watching TV from the sofa. These annoyances will only increase with time, so if you feel like you need to fix him now, imagine how you’ll feel after being with him awhile. Do yourself (and him) a favor and close the toolbox; it’s time to move on.

He Ignores You in Public


OK, I said to him that I can't trust him. I discovered that he does have a family. There is a child two years old. It was like you didn't ask. I did, he was like what if I am seeing someone. Would you...
It is like taking the piss ?!
Can you sacrifice your heart for someone who lies to you?? To me this is most unbearable ! Especially if he's been reprimanding you all along for not fully trusting him 🌠🌠
Lies !!! For me are unacceptable 🌠
Being single is way better and way more fun then dealing with any of this ladies! Just move on to another and another and perhaps even another until you find a great dude! And in the meantime have fun!!
Mia Es La Vida
Thank you those totally sums things up for me. He is totally the mysterious type, can't wait to find a man who is completely open and wanting to spend genuine time with me 😊
Leahorka: He doesn't like you. Move on.
Well it doesn't completely. It just hurts and I don't want to feel like this anymore. I still like him though. Thank you so much for these words, everyone keeps telling me move on. It's really nice what you wrote! I wish you the best Baydide Lass!
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