5. He Just Calls at Bedtime

You havenโ€™t heard anything from him all day. You may have even called or texted, without any return call or text. You decide itโ€™s time to turn in, and get ready to tuck yourself into bed and call it a day, ready to dive into your novel or watch some reruns. Finally, you get a text - wanna hang out? If this is a common scene with your guy, he sees you as a friend with benefits. Time to stop providing benefits.

Your Cat Puts in More Effort than Your Boyfriend


Totally true!
Bayside Lass
Great article! If this fits the man that you are seeing- kick him to the curb! It's not worth the tears and heartache. You deserve better and there are plenty of amazing men out there. Life is too sho...
Thanks a lot! I need that right now. Every single one fits to him
So true !
Sounds like my last relationship ๐Ÿ˜‚ these men aren't ready to settle..move on you'll be much happier
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