9. He’s Got a Crazy Ex

A lot of people have exes, it’s just a fact of life - we try on one relationship, it doesn’t fit, so we try on another. Then there’s the crazy ex who just won’t let go. She still calls him or texts him, still tries to get under his skin with snide comments, and he still reacts. Obviously there are still issues between these two, and you should bow out until they work things out and move on.

He Has a Girlfriend


Mia Es La Vida
Thank you those totally sums things up for me. He is totally the mysterious type, can't wait to find a man who is completely open and wanting to spend genuine time with me 😊
Leahorka: He doesn't like you. Move on.
Well it doesn't completely. It just hurts and I don't want to feel like this anymore. I still like him though. Thank you so much for these words, everyone keeps telling me move on. It's really nice what you wrote! I wish you the best Baydide Lass!
Totally true!
Bayside Lass
Great article! If this fits the man that you are seeing- kick him to the curb! It's not worth the tears and heartache. You deserve better and there are plenty of amazing men out there. Life is too sho...
Thanks a lot! I need that right now. Every single one fits to him
So true !
Sounds like my last relationship 😂 these men aren't ready to settle..move on you'll be much happier
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