4. Lacking Passion

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Minimal or no passion in a relationship is one that has lost the romantic 'spark' that was initially there.

This can commonly happen over time, as relationships become longer and it gets hard to maintain that same electricity that was present the day you first got together.2

Lacking Motivation


Kranti Kanade
Relationship are for us and we are not for relationship
So true
Summer Rose
There is always someone better for you don't let anyone tell you that to cannot do better it's how they trap you
Summer Rose
@Christinadoidge leave he will make promises to change and it will only be temporary I suffered for 8yrs and only for worse I had to go to therapy
Im in a very unhealthy relationship. He's been abusive and is super mean lately. Sex is terrible. I keep praying but the inevitable is closing in quicklyyyy
What happened to growing old together? Wheel chair races?
That is verry true
So true *
Guess all the reason stated here are also the reason why mine failed.. Miserably...
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