4. He Always Takes Your Side

In every debate you have, he will always take your side, ever if you are wrong. You can test this theory by saying something you don’t really believe when you are with your friends and he is around, and just watch if he agrees with you. Most likely, he will want to please you because he is trying to stay on your good side.

He Looks Angry around You


@Shannon, i don't know if i should believe 5 or not let's just hope it's that and he doesn't hate us
he'll laugh if i laugh and if one of his friends bother and i do come bck he'll be like ohh she told you and laugh.. sometimes i feel like he likes me and sometimes I don't.. our eye contact lasta a c...
i really want to know if my crush likes me but i dont want to ask him.. he told his friend he's not into anyone in our class, but in class i sit in front of him and he always kicks my chair and when i...
kirsten thompson
well im in high school and i really like this guy who is the same age as me but in 10th grade ( im in 11th) but people found out i liked him and they told him and kept bugging him about it and so he t...
Crystal Ceja
Omg are u sure its only for shy guys? Because seriously this is soo mee im very shy,turn quiet cause i dont wanna say silly things, i look angry or have a furrow between my brow ...
I just finished up with a shy guy , just doesn't always work out . he was very shy and I am quiet . end of story .
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