8 Signs That He is a Keeper ...

There are many different signs he is a keeper that you should watch out for, especially if you are having doubts!

If your boyfriend puts you first, can handle you at your worst and can actually have a conversation about the future without cringing, then you've got to take a look at all of my signs he is a keeper, as they are all on here!

Take a look below girls, if your boyfriend is topping the charts on your 'husband' list!

1. He Puts You First

Does your man constantly put you first?

Does he make choices based on you and what you are doing?

Does he work around your schedule and really work to accommodate you?

Does he even pick out all kinds of your favorite foods just to make sure that you have things to eat?

Are you constantly on his mind, always?

This is absolutely one of the top signs he is a keeper!