2. Lots of Lies

Do you constantly catch your boyfriend in a lie? Does everything he says typically end up being a lie? If this is exactly what you're experiencing, it might be one of the signs you are dating a psychopath and should watch out. Psychopaths typically lie about everything and can even live double lives sometimes. Keep that in mind girls the next time you catch him in a lie!

Excessive Charm


Heather Jensen
Hello Leah! Thanks so much for the comment! Where in the article does it mention anti-social personality disorder? This article is just looking at characteristics that women should watch out for in men, not about a disorder necessarily. :)
The term "psychopath" isn't used at all in the medical world any more. It is very politically incorrect, and offensive to people to have Anti Social Personality Disorder. Also, this article makes the ...
Charlotte Ward
Awww man, My recent boyfriend is ALL OF THIS. Why does it have to be true :c
Heather Jensen
Totally true! Ha! I just watched that the other day! :)
If he reminds you of J.D in 'Heathers', probably a good sign too, haha. :P
Tina Feliciano
7 Signs That You Are Dating a Psychopath ...glad I always have a chaperon! Lol (via Twitter)
Jess Johncock
7 Signs That You Are Dating a Psychopath ... Haha, woweeee. (via Twitter)
Kristina Keltner
7 Signs That You Are Dating a Psychopath ... WOWWWW. 1 of my exes displayed most of these! CRAZY! Literally. (via Twitter)
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