19 Signs That Your Relationship is Worth Saving ...


There are certain signs your relationship is worth saving even when things have gotten to be a bit bumpy.

All relationships have their ups and downs but you should still be happy overall with the relationship.2

Ladies if you are wondering whether you should fix the problems in your relationship or whether its best to walk away, I’m going to help you out.

Analyze your relationship as you go through the list below of these signs your relationship is worth saving.

1. What is Your Relationship like?

There are elements in a relationship that are crucial so both people can be happy.

Ask yourself if your relationship has trust, respect, loyalty, honesty and commitment.

These are the building blocks that all good relationships are built on.

If your relatiomship is lacking one of these elements, it spells trouble.

One of the best signs that your relationship is worth saving is if you have all those fundamental elements in your relationship.

2. Communication

The next point to consider is the communication between the two of you.

Does this guy meet your communication needs?

Some of us like to be texted around the clock while others prefer more phone calls and less text messages.

Regardless of your specific needs, your guy should be able to meet them.

If you are always unhappy because your boyfriend takes hours to respond to a text or goes days without calling, make your needs clear and try to reach a compromise.

If that doesn’t work, maybe its time to rethink the relationship.

3. Fun Times

When was the last time you had fun with your boyfriend?

Consider saving the relationship if you are still able to enjoy each others' company.

But if the relationship feels stale and neither one of you wants to make an effort to liven things up, re-examine the reasons you want to stick around.

There should be more good times than bad ones in your relationship.

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