7 Signs to Figure out if He is Picking on Me or Flirting with Me? ...


Is he picking on me or flirting with me is not a silly question. The language of love can often be a mystery, and if an object of your affection starts sending out mixed signals it can be very confusing. When he makes jokey comments or asides to his friends, is he poking fun or hiding his embarrassment at how he really feels? Is he too afraid to admit how he feels, so he is covering up with teasing and put downs? Does he make fun of you but wear a smile while doing so? If he makes disparaging remarks about the way you dress or style your hair, what does it all mean? Is he picking on me or flirting with me isnโ€™t the easiest question to answer but hereโ€™s a few tips and clues.

1. If You Were a Guy then Would He Have Said These Things?

Many, many men are terrible at flirting but they sometimes discover that if they are jerks to women, they get more attention than if they are sweet (and smarmy). Is he picking on me or flirting with me? Itโ€™s possible that he's flirting, and itโ€™s possible that he is not very good at it. Ask yourself if he would say the things he is saying to another guy. If that is the case then he may simply be a jerk and you should probably avoid him before he steps on your feelings and ego. Donโ€™t ever forget that you are the one choosing to allow a man be in your presence (at least in dating terms anyway).

Is He Paying You More Attention than He Should Be?


At the start of our relationship my boyfriend was pretty insecure and he'd make fun of me I didn't like it so we had a long talk about it and he started to not pick on me so much but it wasn't till la...
this is odd ...then picking same as flitring? men are realy creepy! but good artical thoughO:-)
It's fun to do both depending on the woman! In a flirting way. But if you find it hurtful, tell him. Odds are he doesn't know and isn't trying to be mean
I can't tell if a guy i work with is just picking on me or flirting...
Kate Winovich
If you don't know the difference between being mean and flirting, you have bigger problems.
You guys have awesome and very insightful headlines. I take all the advice I can get from the articles. Keep up the good work:)
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