7 Signs You Are Obsessed with Your Boyfriend ...


There are many signs you are obsessed with your boyfriend or girlfriend you should keep in mind, because obsession is simply unhealthy.

Becoming obsessed with your significant other can go wrong in dozens of ways.

Whether you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, he or she won't be impressed by your obsessive behavior.

On the contrary, you could drive away your beloved.2

It's not healthy for you either, so think hard and decide if you're familiar with any of the biggest signs you are obsessed with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

1. You Don't Talk about Anything else

Everyone talks about their relationships.

However, when you don't talk about anything else, ever, it's one of the biggest signs you are obsessed with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

If your friends constantly roll their eyes because every sentence out of your mouth begins with “My boyfriend and I...” or “We had so much fun...” then you may have a problem.

When everything interesting you have to say involves your significant other, you're a little too involved.

Take a look at your social media timelines as well;

how many of your status updates involve your partner?

2. Your Thumbs Are on the Trigger

Are you constantly texting, Facebooking, or tweeting your significant other?

If you can't go five minutes without sending a text, a selfie, a poke, or a SnapChat, you're going overboard.

This is especially true if you get upset when your partner fails to answer within five seconds.

Sending messages is okay in moderation, but you have to draw the line somewhere.

3. Serious Separation Anxiety

Missing your partner is perfectly natural as well.

If your boyfriend heads to band camp for a few weeks or your girlfriend goes on vacation with her family, of course you'll feel a little lonely.

However, if you suffer serious separation anxiety for long and short separations, you need to check yourself.

You might actually have sweaty palms, an accelerating heartbeat, and even exhibit the symptoms of a panic attack.

That's too much, especially if all of this comes with a certainty that your partner is cheating with you or plans to break up with you, just because you're in two different places.

You Neglect Your Friends and Family
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