7 Signs You Are Obsessed with Your Boyfriend ...


There are many signs you are obsessed with your boyfriend or girlfriend you should keep in mind, because obsession is simply unhealthy. Becoming obsessed with your significant other can go wrong in dozens of ways. Whether you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, he or she won't be impressed by your obsessive behavior. On the contrary, you could drive away your beloved. It's not healthy for you either, so think hard and decide if you're familiar with any of the biggest signs you are obsessed with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

1. You Don't Talk about Anything else

Everyone talks about their relationships. However, when you don't talk about anything else, ever, it's one of the biggest signs you are obsessed with your boyfriend or girlfriend. If your friends constantly roll their eyes because every sentence out of your mouth begins with β€œMy boyfriend and I...” or β€œWe had so much fun...” then you may have a problem. When everything interesting you have to say involves your significant other, you're a little too involved. Take a look at your social media timelines as well; how many of your status updates involve your partner?

Your Thumbs Are on the Trigger


Makayla Celeste
My boyfriend is in the military so this doesn't help me any..
Am like that I showed too much care and love to my husband and his own is totally opposite, and we reach certain age now I don't know what do I can't workout in this marriage now and am not enjoying my staying with him, please I need an advice
Lead your own life, no man is worth this kind of behaviour. Pffff.... I am still glad to be single. 😳
3 out of 7. It's tricky to not let those you love take over your lives. Keep on keepin on.
i know someone like that she wont admit though
I had this pattern of obsession because I never met someone interested enough in a mutually fulfiling relationship. Now when I get obsessed I step back and evaluate if they are as invested in me. if n...
I never knew i was so obsessed with my bf. We had a break cause of this. Slowly i am learning to let go and how to be a more independent me
Lashanie Simms
I have borderline personality disorder..i recognize two of this list as my behaviour, but is gtst because i'm obsessed with my boyfriend or is it the disorder. I recognize 3 and 7.
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