13. You over-Analyze Everything

Do you constantly think about every single word that your crush has said to you and play it over and over in your head? Does this twist and turn the words into something hurtful rather than just a conversation? That would be a sign that you're reading way too much into things!

Every Outing is a Date


Heather Jensen
Hi Anon! I think that he does like you, he might be shy. Up the flirting and see what happens! :)
Oh, and I mentioned something I liked in passing, and then when I left he gave me a small gift, which was the thing I said I liked. Which I found so thoughtful and sweet, even if it was only as friend...
So here's my recent "reading too much into things" experience. I really like a friend who lives 2 hours away. I went to visit him last weekend and we had such a great time, just walking and talking, a...
I tend to think I'm quite grounded, and don't go all crazy over boys. And yet still, I've definitely done some of these things at one time or another! Heather, you give such kind and thoughtful replies...anyone who has you as a friend is a lucky girl! :)
Heather Jensen
Hi Alyssa! My mom fell in love at 14 too, so I think it is possible, but have you talked to him? Do you hang out together?
Hey! I'm 14... and I like someone but I don't know if it's right to like him because I am only 14 and "society" says it's wrong but I need opinions.. I am not "in love" I just think I like him..
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