13. You over-Analyze Everything

Do you constantly think about every single word that your crush has said to you and play it over and over in your head?

Does this twist and turn the words into something hurtful rather than just a conversation?

That would be a sign that you're reading way too much into things!

Every Outing is a Date


Heather Jensen
Guys are confusing, but if you talk to him and maybe try to figure out exactly why he is scared -- it might be a good idea! :)
yeah guys are confusing im having that problem with the guy i think i like, and according to this! I deff like him! AH. but im trying so hard not to because it will never work. although we text all the time, i can never really get him to talk much to me and we hang out like once every 2 weeks and he said he wanted to hangout more of like a weekly basis. maybe hes pushing me away because he's scared of getting too close, we were doing this casual thing but idk
@Rachel, Thanks for the feedback!
Rachel X
You know, Heather, I find that a lot of your articles have repeats of certain "signs", "ways", etc., but one might be just a more general take on another more specific one.. it gets repetitive. For example, "searching for hidden meaning" or "assuming" could encompass "when you think the Facebook statuses are about you". Otherwise, your articles are quite enjoyable--just redundant.
@mo, awe, I'm so sorry it didn't work out for you Mo but thanks for stopping by and sharing!
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