7 Signs You Are Using Sex as a Weapon ...


Because we are women, we might not know the signs you are using sex as a weapon.

When you think about it, the signs you are using sex as a weapon aren't as apparent to girls as they are to guys.

If you think you might be using sex, you might want to take a look at my top 7 signs you are using sex as a weapon!

1. You Withhold Sex if You Don't Get What You Want

You've been dating a guy for a while now and you want him to start buying you more flowers.

Let's say you tel him that you won't have sex with him until you see an improvement in his flower giving.

Ladies, that's a sign you are using sex as a weapon!

Just because you don't get what you want doesn't mean that you should withhold sex from your man!

You Withhold Sex Because You're Mad


This makes it hard to get the distance to think through whether or not it's necessary to leave the relationship.
Lundy Bancroft describes men who want sex after a fight or verbal abuse or telling off a woman as using this to secure access to the woman's body and power over her.
When woman has sex, especially if she orgasms, it releases oxytocin the bonding hormone. Bonding with someone who has done something to make you angry, where you have unresolved issues, and maybe cannot be sure of how trustworthy the man is, is dangerous.
This actually confirms my suspicion that sex as a weapon isn't something that actually happens.
Heather Jensen
Hi Dandy! Sometimes it just happens -- sometimes girls do allow someone in their body when they feel violated. IT shouldn't happen though.
This is stupid. If you are mad, you don't feel the turn on or intimacy, why in the world would you violate your body and mind by having sex with someone who hurt you and haven't cared to make you feel better?
Well first, I would say that you should be ready for that. Do you feel that you are ready?
Princess Blue
How do I get my boy friend to have sex with me
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