7 Signs You Could Handle a Steamy Office Romance ...


Have you ever had an office romance?

It seems now that summer is here, love is in the air wherever you are.

My Facebook and Twitter have been covered in naughty comments about that cute guy from accounts, or how hot someone’s boss is looking this morning, and there have been more than a few flirting tips being thrown around.

But true love doesn’t always run smooth – so how do you know you could handle an office romance?

1. You Can Be Discreet…

Yep, this one is really important.

While you can probably get away with texting each other during the day, and maybe the occasional flirt when nobody is around, you can’t be hanging out at each other's desks all day, or giggling like a schoolgirl.

Not only will it alert everyone to your blossoming romance, but it doesn’t look professional, either.

If you can’t keep it under control (whatever thoughts are going through your mind), avoid an office romance!

Lunch is Lunch…


I thought I never would - always considered it bad juju. Then I met Bill - and 5 years later we're still together and still at the same company. Your tips are very good - because I have seen it go horribly wrong at work, and it has cost people their jobs.
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