8 Signs You Just Aren't Compatible ...


Sometimes it can be hard to see the signs you are not compatible with your boyfriend, even if they are glaring you in the face!

I know that with my ex!

There are probably plenty of signs you are not compatible with your boyfriend, but you might not know what to look for.

So girls, are you ready to explore the top 8 signs you are not compatible with your boyfriend that you should watch out for!

1. No Spark

First and foremost, the top sign you are not compatible with your boyfriend is that there is just no spark at all.

While you might like him, you don't feel the butterflies, don't get the nervous energy when he calls and don't get a tingly feeling in your stomach when you think about him.

A spark is really important when you are in a relationship ladies.

Nothing to Talk about


hi is religion for you hindrance into a relationship? plsss answer :)
@Mimi I'm also Catholic and my boyfriends Protestant and it really did stir up a lot of fights. The biggest one is how to raise our children, but we did work through them! We figured that we would let our children chose and go to mass one week then a service the next. Once they were old enough they could choose what they believed in. Our beliefs however are very much similar. Also another thing that helped us was going to a bible study session. I don't know how but it really did help! I think it really just showed me more that we are not too different.
Heather Jensen
Hi Anon! I think that opposites can attract, but it does make for a really hard relationship. :) Thanks for the comment!!
I believe more that people who have so much in common attract more than opposites and the part about immaturity that is so true i means but eventually thye can mature but why wait for the day they do when there can be someone out there better. It will hurt when it heals to
Heather Jensen
Hi Noni! I still believe in opposites attract, actually I did an article on it! :) But sometimes, you just aren't compatible with someone.
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