7 Signs You Should End a Friendship That You Shouldn't Ignore ...


If you have been wondering whether you should continue a friendship, I’m going to share a couple of signs you should end a friendship that you shouldn't ignore.

Just like a romantic relationship can change, so too can a friendship.

It’s hard to accept and can be sad for everyone involved, but if you aren't happy with the friendship, it may be time to cut ties.

Below I’m going to share the signs you should end a friendship.

1. Drifted Apart

A great friendship requires effort from both of you.

One of the signs you should end a friendship is when neither one of you is putting in any effort to maintain the relationship.

Do you know what’s going on in your friend’s life?2

Do you know who she is dating or who she has a crush on?

When was the last time you talked to her?

If it has been a long time ago and you don’t have a clue what’s the latest news in her life, it's time to reconsider the friendship.

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Grachael Dara
@Sarasuwho thank you very much for sharing this was very helpful😊
Thank you Neecey. Well I didn't have any swear words and stuff like that. I just wrote why I have ended some friendships lately that's pretty much that.
Neecey Beresford
@Samira, Which was that Samira? We only delete comments that contain swear words or are unnecessarily rude. We've had problems with the comment system at our end all week, so it could have been caught up in that.
Awesome thanks a lot AWS my comment from a few hours ago was deleted hmm...
@Aimee2016 of course. We all need help and advice every now and then.
@Sarasuwho thank you!! You have no idea how much that comment meant to me!! You made my week and gave me hope!! Thanks for taking time to give me advise:)
@Bloop what happened?
Take the criticism. Don't delete it. Tacky.
Tacky. Tacky. Tacky.
@Aimee2016 In HS, I had a close group of friends. Senior year, I learned they all, including my best friend, talked crap on me. I confronted my BF & she lied to my face.   I realized that I was trying to move on from high school but they kept holding me back by tearing me down. Without causing a scene, I cut all ties with them. I stopped carpooling, never answered their calls & I acted civil towards them at school. It took a week for my girlfriends and my best friend to stop harassing me. Good friends, huh. Not a single apology. Plenty of mean confessions, though.  I was alone for a few months but I worked on myself to be more independent. I went to parties alone & was able to leave when I wanted which was great & I met people I could've never met if I was with a bunch of giggling, judgmental girls. That's when I met my husband. If I was still with my old friends, they would've scared him off and I would've never had the bravery to ask him to hang out. My friends would've told me he's out of my league. (Our school was extremely cliquish & he was a really popular jock & I was a band geek and gamer girl) We have now been married for five years & traveling the world just for the hell of it.  I have a best friend now, other than my husband, and she showed me what true friendship is. Friendships are like romances. You may think the relationship will last forever but if they don't treat you right or you don't treat them right, it's not something either of you will want long term. And if you are alone and feel bad, DON'T! This is time to focus on yourself. Life is filled with cycles and people will always come and go. Take charge and make your life fantastic. Find friends who will love you at your worst. You deserve the best.
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