7 Signs You Should Leave Him for Your Crush ...


If you have developed feelings for another guy, but you have a man, you need to know the signs you should leave him. Having a secret crush while in a relationship can make your thoughts swirl in confusion. If you are facing this difficult problem and need a bit of clarity, I’m going to share the signs you should leave him.

1. Thoughts of Your Crush

There used to be a time when all you could think about was your boyfriend. It seemed like everything reminded you of him, so you always had your man on your mind. One of the early signs you should leave him is when you can’t stop thinking about your crush. Thoughts of your crush invade your mind even during intimate moments with your current boyfriend.

Follow Your Heart


Paige Wilson
@Heckkelboldt everything happens for a reason gal if he is meant to be in your like he will eventually catch up just act like your happy an he might just come back just because your productive an movi...
I'm the "crush". But he decided to go back to the old girlfriend too, so I don't know how feel about this list. Just know I'm still hurting since I really thought he would choose me... :(
Ali M
I did it too recently and it was also a mistake! You live and learn I guess. I am now back with my old boyfriend :)
ha lol done that a few times..then realised one of em was a mistak..but w.e B-)
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