17 Signs 💟☮️ You Should Stay Single ☝🏼 a Little Bit Longer 👌🏼 ...


You don't want to date before you're ready. If you do, then you're going to end up being even more miserable than you were when you were unattached. To save yourself from a world of trouble, here are a few signs that you should stay single for a little bit longer:

1. You Don’t Love Yourself

You Don’t Love Yourself

A man isn't going to help you see your beauty and learn to love yourself. You need to come to those realizations on your own, before you start looking for a date.

You Don’t Know Any Good Men


Spot on !
I have been single for 4 years.
well iv been single for 3 months and it sucks
I agree, I really don't want to answer to anyone, still learning confidence and how to love myself. I'm definitely not ready to date.
No one is going to save you, you have to save yourself, I like that. This reminded me of everything I was missing, and forgetting, and I think we both have the same mindset when it comes to relationships. This was nice, thank you for that.
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