15 Signs You Shouldn't Marry Him That You Simply Shouldn't Ignore ...


If you are considering marriage, you need to be sure that there are no signs you shouldn’t marry him in the picture.

Marriage is a huge commitment and should be for a lifetime.

If the guy you are considering linking your life up with has any of the signs you shouldn’t marry him as discussed here, you need to carefully reconsider not only marrying them but dating them.

1. They Have Been Unfaithful

One of the top signs you shouldn’t marry him is if he has been unfaithful to you.

If someone cannot remain faithful to you throughout the time period that you are dating, it is very probable they will not remain faithful throughout a lifelong marriage.

The bare minimum you should be able to expect from your husband is his faithfulness.

That is not an extra benefit in a good marriage.

It is expected.

They Have an Alcohol or Drug Problem


@Elena starting out a post by questioning someone's credentials. Poor attack. I did not once say that a woman should not be assertive or take others' advice to determine if a man is suitable. What I said was, his list is judgemental and unrealistic. Nice attempt at and argument, but the different in faith part is not correct (as you say), there is a lady above who has proven that point. Your argument has no bearing and you make sweeping statements. Good luck in your future posts attacking people's credentials and opinion.
@Lynda Ab, if you don't trust him and if he cheated, you should leave him. It may not be so but once a cheater, always a cheater. He's not worth it x
Courtney Valle
Okay so I am a married woman, and we are of different faith but since we have gotten married he has changed to one, we went through a lot if stress before marriage that cause a lot of conflict between our relationship that we never got to work out until after our marriage, I didn't find this completely accurate but great advice everybody is different it just depends on how strong the man your with is and how strong of a woman you are! There will always always be a fight, and it's a fight to keep the relationship alive it's not always terrible! But I will say that if he cannot keep a job he has already lost the fight of life now a days!!!
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