8 Signs Your Boyfriend is Controlling ...


Learning all of the signs your boyfriend is controlling isn't easy, it's also something you probably never think about right? You think that you'd be able to see all of the signs your boyfriend is controlling right away. You'd be surprised just how many signs your boyfriend is controlling are out there that a lot of women overlook. Don't worry ladies, if you think that your boyfriend is over stepping his boundaries!

1. He Puts You down

One of the top signs your boyfriend is controlling is that he constantly puts you down. He makes it seem like you can't do anything without him and that he is your entire world. He will tend to pick out every flaw you have and exploit it to the point that you start to believe you have to depend on him to be a better person. This will make you lose your own confidence and in turn, make you more vulnerable. Watch out for this ladies!

He Doubts You


What if doubting as a result of having caught her in numerous "white lies"?
Heather Jensen
Very true! It can go in reverse too. :)
Girls do this shit everyday.
ok girl thaks
Sheila Joseph
Sorry to hear that Thea! I hope you can have a talk with him and try and fix things! :)
Thea Torres
WHAT THE FUCK. He's controlling meeeeeeeee. All the 8 signs!!!!
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