7 Signs Your Boyfriend Likes His Female Friend ...


One of the worst feelings to have in a relationship is when you think you are seeing signs your boyfriend likes his female friend.

You might feel that the relationship that your man has with this other girl is too close for comfort.

Below I’m going to share the signs your boyfriend likes his female friend, so you can determine if you should stay or exit the relationship.

1. Listen to Your Gut

One of the signs your boyfriend likes his female friend is when your gut is screaming that he is developing feelings for another woman.

This inner instinct is an alert system that you should pay attention to.

If your gut feeling tells you that your man is up to no good, don’t ignore or make excuses for it.

If you are feeling this way, it's time to discuss your concerns, suspicions and fears about the friendship he has with his female friend.

They Flirt Together


@ashley you need to have an honest conversation with him and tell him why you're uncomfortable with it. If he wants to hang out outside of work, try all getting together and genuinely trying to befriend them. If they like you and are rooting for your relationship, they'll be much more respectful of his/your boundaries. Best of luck!
my bf has a new job and he made some new friends 2 of which are females... they text and chat and stuff... he usually comes home and talk about them and stuff and I'm ok with it but last night I saw some msgs I don't like so plzz anyone can I have some advice plzz
hey everybody... I need some help plzz
Merarri Martinez
Kat_With_a_K-ugh what a douche! Glad you got rid of him and recognized your self-worth!
It happened to me once. I thought it was just a crush, so I simply said "We need to talk about Luci." Well, I got more than I bargained for because suddenly he threw his phone down and yelled "God, I told everyone who was at that party not to tell you! We only made out twice, Jesus Christ!" Needless to say, we broke up.
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