10. Looks at You… and ONLY You

The #1 or in this case… #10 way to know if he’s truly there for you is to watch how and if he looks at other girls. Does he have wandering eyes? Does he check out other women as they walk by or are his eyes always on you

? If he wants to commit in more than just a «we have a thing» way then he’ll show you it too. Trust me girls, the eyes ARE the window to your soul!

So does your crush do these things? Are the signs uber clear or barely there? You decide! Good luck girlies and I wish you the best with your cuties!(:


There is a guy who likes me but he always ignores me and flirt with the other girl and he tries to touch me and always look at me but what did that mean????
@teavanna, oh gosh in what sense do you mean that? lol but why??
@sri wanda ardalita, thank you(:
sri wanda ardalita
legit fact! 😍
@teavanna, sweetie just give it time! If it's meant to be it will happen, good luck to you!(:
Heather Jensen
Oh! I'd talk to him about it!
@teavanna because "he's just not that into you", sorry hun
wtf why won't my crush do any of this?
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