9. Offers to Pay

This applies only to those who actually hang out with their crush. Okay so you’re at the movie theatre or bowling or ice/roller skating and he pays for you… even if you don’t let him it’s the offer that counts. This shows that he wants to be a gentleman and play it old-fashioned. But no worries ladies, if he doesn’t pay it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not into you but that he just can’t afford it- we all go through our rough patches!

Looks at You… and ONLY You


My crush jokingly bumps into me and whenever I have a reaction to it like saying "watch out next time" he smiles and laughs. He has a TON of friends that are girls...but he's starting to move away from them. He texts me ever day...does this mean something?
Hey I'm so confused, sometimes I think I really like the guy I'm seeing, but then sometimes I just feel like I need space and don't really want a relationship....why am I feeling like this and does it mean I don't like him if I don't feel butterflies? :S
@Shraddha, yes of course! This is relevant for any ages; does he talk to you during class instead of going to rough-house with his buddies? Does he grab lunch with you in the lunchroom/anywhere? Do you see him in-between classes?
Heather Jensen
Aww! That's so cute! :) Have you ever tried to flirt with him a little more? See where it goes? Heck, even texting him to hang out might be a good idea!
Heather Jensen
Hi! Have you tried to be direct -- and blunt with him? Sometimes, you gotta do that when he tries to ignore you! :)
Ok isn't this so relevant to 16 or 20 year olds? What man would behave so? Need some new signs to be penned down ...!
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