9 Signs Your Crush is in Love with Someone else ...


If you have been majorly crushing on a hot guy but think you see signs he is in love with someone else, it’s time to figure out what’s really going on.

Sometimes it’s difficult to spot the signs he has fallen in love with another girl when you want him badly and it seems like he has no clue that you two would be the perfect couple.

So ladies, I’m going to try to clarify the situation for you by revealing the 9 signs your crush is in love with another girl.

1. The Friend Zone

One of the signs he is in love with someone else is that he will treat you as just a friend.

You try to flirt with your crush when you get some alone time with him and he continues to treat you like a friend.

If he’s in love with another girl, you could be dancing in a racy negligee and he wouldn’t even notice it.

Trying to flirt with a crush that is in love with someone else is a major waste of time.

The Eyes Tell All


Heather Jensen
Hi Lory! I think that a first love is really hard to get over, so that might be why he keeps going back. Why not flirt with him yourself -- more and see how he reacts, if it is good, ask him out! :)
Princess Esmeralda Candles
Blair waldorf😍
@Lory:), Hey there Lory i know you are there for him and he knows that but tell him what she did to him isn't right and she isn't the one, he doesn't deserve that. He may have a crush on his ex but if she does those things to him, she ain't right for him, show him you are the one. Sometimes it takes somebody a while to get over their ex but they eventually do. So i suggest don't move on you have a chance, give it some time. If you are good friends then that is a great start, talking, laughing and if he looks at you it shows he is interested what a bonus. If he is flirty. These are all great starts, give it some time, old feelings have come back but they will go, be there by his side and he will see in time to come how much you care for him
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