13 Signs Your Crush Sees You as Just a Friend ...


Picking up on the signs he sees you as just a friend is hard!

After all, if you have a crush, why would you want to believe that he just likes you as a friend?

Don't worry, ladies.

If you're constantly looking for signs he sees you as just a friend, I've got the top 7 ways to tell!

1. He Calls You Buddy

He Calls You Buddy

Of course, if a guy has a crush on you, he might have a ton of nicknames for you, but if he constantly is calling you a buddy or a friend and nothing more, that is one of the signs he sees you as just a friend.

If he has a special nickname for you though, it could mean that he likes you as more than a friend!

You Always Initiate Everything


Heather Jensen
Hey Ashley! I'm so glad that you made the first move! It sounds like it is his turn to make the first move. I'd flirt a little more with him and drop some hints -- see how he responds to that! :)
I never knew this.
Ashley Yee
Hi so there's this guy that I really like n I actually made my first move to ask him out for coffee so I left him my number. He eventually texted me n till now we're still texting. We went out once for coffee n I has a great time. He's a funny n charming guy. I really want to tell him that I like him more than a fren but I'll always chickened out. What should I do? I need help.
I wish love was easier said then done . /;
Heather Jensen
That's awesome!! I'm so glad Fiona! :)
@Heather Jensen, thanks for the advice! it was his dad using his computer the whole time without him knowing. he tried to contact me but hes on a vacay halfway across the globe... without a computer. everything's back to normal now, thanks anyways! :D
Heather Jensen
Hey Fiona! Have you tried to talk to him in person? Maybe get him alone and just ask him if he likes you. It sounds like he might just like you as a friend for right now.
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