5. He Doesnโ€™t Use Endearing Nicknames for You Anymore

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A healthy couple enjoys using many terms of endearment whenever they speak to each other. Not only because its fun but because it can make you feel emotionally closer to one another. He may already have one foot out the door if he stopped calling you silly and sweet nicknames like hunny bunny, baby cakes or love muffin.

He Doesnโ€™t Want to Discuss Any Problems in Your Relationship


Stephanie G
Sorry to say but long distance relationships don't work usually. I speak from experience. That was 2 years of my life wasted!
I'm scared because half apply to me and the other glad does not what should I do?😞
I want to be with him so badly that the thought of not having him makes my heart drop to my stomach. How do you trust someone who betrayed you so terribly?
He has cheated in the past and we took a three month break. After three months, he decided to return to school with me (a school he HATES) to be with me. However, his exes constantly text his phone an...
I cant tell if my boyfriend is cheating or not someone please help!!
😢😩😖 number 1 and 5 💔💔💔💔
Salma Sultan
@Nadom - I've had exactly the same problem with the same story except we've been together for 3 years rather than 4. He's supposed to be coming over this Christmas and is being so lax at buying his ti...
how come no reply from this site?
Will I go with the no contact with him or I will send him messages and explain my side which I did already. I also told him in my letter that I am an introvert and preserve and that I will change mys...
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