27 Signs ⚠️ Your Long Distance Love 🗺 is Ending 👎🏼 ...


Long distance relationships are tough, because you rarely get to see the other person.

Even with the help of Skype and cell phones, it can be difficult to sustain a healthy relationship.

If you're worried about yours, here are some signs that the fun is coming to an end:

1. There is a Dramatic Change in Your Communication Routines

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You start to notice that he doesn’t reply to your text messages, calls and e-mails.

It seems like he can’t even be bothered to contact you.

When he does talk to you, the conversation is short and lacks quality.

This change usually means your boyfriend is losing interest in the relationship.

2. He Always Has an Excuse Ready

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He is full of excuses when you suggest using webcams or a messenger program so you can spend some time together online.

He will turn you down with various excuses like he is too busy, too tired or already has plans for that evening.

If you have to plead with him to hang out with you, you are definitely in a dying long distance relationship.

He would make spending time with you a priority if he wanted to continue the relationship,2

3. You Feel Unimportant to Him

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If you bring this particular subject up with him, he will dismiss your feelings and be unwilling to talk about it.

Your boyfriend should do everything he can to make you feel cherished and loved even if he is far away.

If it seems like you are taking a backseat to other priorities in his life, maybe its time to let go of him.

4. He Doesn’t Talk about the Future

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A long distance couple frequently talks about the future because the ultimate goal is to live together in the same place one day.

One of the biggest signs your long distance relationship is ending is that he doesn’t seem interested in making future plans with you.

The awesome conversations about getting married, names of your future kids and where you will both live have completely stopped.2

He Doesn’t Use Endearing Nicknames for You Anymore
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