9 Signs Your Man is Telling Lies ...


Your intuition is speaking to you and your gut instincts are gnawing away, but just what are the signs your man is telling lies?

How do you go from intuition to deciding if you need to push on to discovering if there is a reason to your feelings of there being something “not quite right”?

How do you spot lies coming from your male lover, or the guy you’ve recently started dating?

There’s no science to this, and there’s nothing conclusive, but here are some signs your man is telling lies.

1. Know That There is No One Sign or Cluster of Signs to Detect Lies

There are no clear signs a man is telling lies (or even a woman).

If it were as cut and dry as detecting signs then no law enforcement group would ever be deceived.

What you first have to do is clear your mind of all you “think” you know about lie detection.

There are no signs, no eyes darting to one side, no scratching of nose that indicates lies.

You have to look at the bigger picture.

Are his tightly crossed arms that way because he is lying?2

Or is he cold?

Does he usually stand like that?

Have you seen him stand like that when being shouted at by his mother?

You need to examine a whole scenario and not just single actions or words.

2. He Hides behind Common Lie Detection Myths

He also believes in lie detection myths and will try to use them.

He may do things such as looking you in the eyes, showing his palms, not fidgeting or breaking his gaze.

If he does this the first time then he has anticipated your question (which should arouse your suspicion).

If he is doing it on subsequent occasions after you have asked more than once then it is meaningless because he is simply trying to make you believe his first answer.

He Diverts with an Honest Answer
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