7 Classic Problems Everyone Headed for Divorce πŸ’”πŸ˜– Knows Too Well πŸ€” ...


You get married with the hopes of keeping those vows until the end of time. Every relationship has its rough patches and in most cases you can work with your spouse to get past them. Sometimes we argue and disagree and live with the false security that everything is going to be okay. However, there are a few telltale signs that your marriage is headed to divorce court that every couple should be aware of.

1. Putting Your Problems on Blast

We’ve all seen those couple fights that end up on Facebook. Oh, I cringe every time I see it. Once you’ve come to the point where you are not even concerned about keeping your personal problems private, you should know things are headed in a bad direction. If you want to salvage your marriage it is time to put the lock on social media and keep your business between you and your partner.

Little Time Together


In the same predicament that she's in now they argue about the heat in the winter never lets her put on, very little money gives her to food he thinks it all his money even-though its rightfully hers as it is his...
Doesn't help her, doesn't thinks things are equal partnership refuses to seek consuling, i told she stood leave i empowered her but my has little money and says she wants to give me another try even-though i already know that next year she will unhappy and
who only stood home to take care of us my has given him 3 trys my mom keeps saying sorry even though he should...
My father actually cheated on my mom, he controls the finances and even threw her into a wall, not only did he do that but still talks down to her and said "i took you out of the gutter be grateful" m...
Very well written article! I agree, in a relationship you should both give more than you take.
Yep I knew it.
My marriage has always been rocky, I have no idea how we have been together for 20 years
No User
I think that 1 is extremely important, a relationship is between two people. Then if you want to get someone else involved it should be an unbiased expert * not family and friends.*
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