Signs 📳 Your Phone Won't Be Ringing 📱 after a Date 👫 ...


Sometimes you go out and think that it went really well… only to be waiting for a call or text 📱 that will never come. Noticing these signs can help save you energy and time (and also get you back on the dating scene).

1. You Argued…a Lot

You’re not going to agree with everything he says, but if you argued 😠 about some serious topics during your date, you probably won’t be someone they want to see again.

It Felt Forced


Ohh yeah ! Believe me ! It really works miracles when I simply ignore him these days ! Now , i obviously see him running back to me again and again with non stop text messages and calls 👧Generally ,all Aries men are with this weird attitude @mabelle
@Sha, Yep that's true. You can ignore the guy so he wil run after you.
Absolutely true @mabelle! I just wonder if it's worth my time to still wait for this type of man or just ignore ! When I ignore him , he keep running back to me for crazy love adhesive he got intimate...
@Boncheri1, hate guys that are like that. If he's like that on the first date, I wont ven wait for a call from him
I got me one who "hit it and couldn't quit it!" He said it was "too legit to quit." ❤️
Yes I experienced same shit too ! Whenever I make plans after my first date , he finds a lots of excuses to run away from me but I have seen him having hang out time with his friends. I feel so depres...
Right on the nail, or he just talks and talks and you listen and listen and never get a word or opportunity to talk - No go, he just venting and you are cheap physiologist
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