5. He is Tuned in to You

When a guy is tuned into you, it is a sign your relationship is rock solid.

He cares about you and your feelings.

He knows when something is amiss.

More than that, he wants to know what is going on and how he can help.2

A caring guy and a rock solid relationship go hand in hand.

He Talks about a Future with You


I have to agree:) It was nice to read it and realize we have it all:)
Devi June Barrientos
were really have this 7 signs..im so happy reading this!have a great day ..thanku :)
I hav 6 of them..he doesn't want to talk abt future..bt I guess thts okay when the right tym cms this one factor will prevail too
It's true, things should just feel right. No pushing or forcing, just a natural comfortableness between you.
Lady Kraizee
Cool, makes a lot of sense. But ......
Samantha Rattray
we have all of them 😊😍
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